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What is a designer?

A designer is a well-rounded detective with a creative eye.
Anyone can solve a problem, but not everyone can solve a design problem creatively.

About me

I am a highly organized, detail-oriented, well-rounded designer working with top-level Executives, Management, Account and Creative Directors.


I have been entrusted with designing;

  • Confidential materials

  • Print, OLA, TV, OOH

  • Policy manuals

  • Detail guide books 

  • Training materials

  • Annual reports

  • Experiential trade show room, graphics and murals

  • and various other pieces for the automotive, education, legal, healthcare, recruiting and public relations sectors
    understanding the need, urgency and privacy requirements within company-wide governance.

I believe in high quality, accurate work. I became involved in the ISO 9001 certification process and that training has helped me become more organized, efficient and quality-driven in every detail of my design. In addition, I am diverse.


While English is my main language, I also speak, read and write Macedonian fluently. My multicultural background has helped to enrich my thought process, artwork and gives me a unique perspective on cultures, lifestyles and trends.

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