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A designer is a well-rounded detective with a creative eye.
Anyone can solve a problem, but not everyone can solve a design problem creatively.

About me

I am a highly organized and detail-oriented designer with a comprehensive skill set, collaborating with top-level executives, management, account and creative directors. Over my 20 years of experience, I have successfully undertaken the design of a wide array of materials, including confidential documents, web pages, brand identity, print, OLA, TV, OOH advertisements, policy manuals, detail guide books, training materials, annual reports, and experiential trade show room graphics and murals.


My expertise extends across diverse sectors such as automotive, education, legal, healthcare, recruiting, hospitality and public relations. I am adept at understanding the unique needs, urgency, and privacy requirements inherent in company-wide governance.


Committed to delivering high-quality and accurate work, I actively participated in the ISO 9001 certification process. This training has significantly enhanced my organizational efficiency and instilled a strong commitment to quality in every aspect of my design work.

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